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Thailand Trained Security Dogs & Dog Handlers

Defence International Security Services can provide Thailand only bespoke general canine (Dog Units / Dog Sections / K9 Units) security solutions for both private and public sector organizations across Thailand. Our resourcefully managed Dog Section within which we have specific and specialist expertise include:

Our Dog Section is a particularly sought after, valuable and much used service for the heightened security levels prevalent today. General Purpose dogs are employed for handler protection, patrolling residential areas,college campuses, and public spaces as well as providing an efficient solution to security concerns on commercial and industrial estates.

The Company has spent several years working to actively help in reducing the “antisocial” elements that can become apparent in so many areas, with considerable and demonstrable success. Company dog teams have proved particularly effective in promoting community spirit, so only those handlers displaying high-level communication and people skills are selected. Flexibility and versatility are keys to dog team operations. All dogs are ‘homed’ with their handlers on a strict one-dog, one-handler basis to ensure close bonding.

Continuation training is provided, monitored and is essential for the development of our team.

Our principal role is to ensure our clients are free to concentrate on their core activities, safe in the knowledge their working environments are secure and protected. Our expertise lies in the ability to design bespoke programs, providing security solutions for any situation.

Our Dog Section manager and supervisors have a combined wealth of experience and expertise and the direct benefit of this is realized in the added value passed on to our customers with increased operational effectiveness and tangible pro-activity.

Our handler and dog team’s combined abilities and effectiveness are the cornerstone of Defence dog section’s continued success. All our operational personnel are provided with suitable equipment for their task, being dressed in tactical field operational uniform, and follow an exemplary dress code. Dog welfare is assured and is individually audited, therefore all our dogs are presentable and more important in excellent condition. You can be assured that our dog units present a professional, identifiable, and immaculate image always.

All operational staff has direct access to our 24hr contact center by landline, mobile telephone, or radio communications. The exact communicative method is established to ensure the best fit with your business and the continued safety of our deployed personnel.

Overall, Defence Intentional Security Service dog section provides an effective, flexible, and accountable service to your business.

Our Security Dogs and Handlers are all trained and qualified to ACPO (The Association of Chief Police Officers), BIPDT (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers) and NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) standards while also holding a front line SIA License UK only ensuring our clients our of professional commitment in supplying the highest standards of service.

While on site, our Patrol Dogs and Handlers provide the ultimate physical and psychological obstruction and deterrent to those who wish to commit or carry out any criminal activity. Our Patrol Dogs and Handlers ensure a superior degree of highly visible protection that enables us to deal with and engage in situations where perhaps a lone Security Officer would be ineffective, situations consisting of aggressive or several criminals Defence International Security Services’ Patrol Dogs & Handlers ensure Hi-Impact security detection and protection capabilities and results, enabling our Patrol Dogs & Handlers with the ability to replace several Security Officers providing a far more effective security measure. Ultimately, the operational and cost benefit of deploying our Patrol Dogs & Handlers makes this an ideal solution and service for your security requirements.

Whether you require a short-term or long-term contract, or you need or a permanent, highly visible presence, please be sure to discuss your requirements in confidence, as every situation and operation is unique.


Explosive Search Dogs

Because of the nature of the work undertaken by our search teams, both highly skilled and potentially dangerous, it is imperative that our handlers and dogs develop a strong bond, both at work and at home. This is why many of our dogs have been with their handlers from puppyhood giving time for a bond to develop between them and to allow the trainer and handler to assess the potential of the dog from an early age. Training only starts once the dog shows a level of development that enables them to undertake the various training activities.

Our handlers, who are already highly trained general-purpose dog handlers, work through an intensive in-house training course. Phil Coghian, our Associate Director, who oversees our Dog Section and Response department, runs this course. Mr. Coghian is a Home Office accredited– now know as The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) – dog instructor in General Purpose, Narcotics, Weapons Recovery and Explosive Search.

Our search teams train on a range of real explosives of military and commercial rather than the various synthetic products that is available on the market. This is important as, the more realistic the training can be, the better. Our handlers receive regular continuation training in line with ACPO guidelines UK; this is shown in the handlers training records, available for client inspection if required. This training is imperative to ensure the search team is kept at the highest possible operational standard always.

During operational searches, we are under the control of our own search coordinator who also oversees our own in-house physical search teams if deployed. Our coordinator works closely with the client, both before and during the task, to ensure the search requirements are fully understood then carried out.

Our search units can be deployed throughout the UK and overseas for both short-term and long-term contracts as required. For a service quotation please use our contact form on the right. We then arrange to meet with you to discuss your requirements in more detail and prepare a specification of service and a cost quotation for you.