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Security for your Business

Security for your Business

Security for your Business

After you have worked hard to establish a successful business, your priority then is to ensure that the business safe and secure in every respect. Business security can take many guises from simply offering professional security officers and CCTV to monitor the buildings and materials and protect them from theft, to offering covert surveillance against corporate espionage and theft of intellectual material. This list is endless as too, sadly, are the dangers that your business may face.

Employing a reliable company such as Defence International Security Services is the first step in reducing these potential headaches. You may be unsure of what your requirements are as you may have unaware that there was a problem in which case a security audit can be conducted on your behalf. A security audit that is conducted by fully trained members of staff will establish what your requirements are and is free with absolutely no obligation.

Security for your business | Thailand Security Services, uniformed security personel

Thailand Security Services, Uniformed security personel

Uniformed security personal

Most businesses in Thailand require security guards to protect all aspects of the business both day and night. This may seem like an easy task to fulfil but it is important that you get the right people. Employing a dishonest security guard could in actual fact be worse than having nobody at all as they potentially could know the business inside out. It is therefore important that you employ the services of a reputable company who can supply you with security officers who have already been vetted. Another advantage of using a company to supply the security personal rather than doing it privately yourself is the fact that if they are off sick, someone else will simply step in to take over.

Covert surveillance is another area that you may wish to use. It is not unusual to have suspicions about a particular member of staff but you have no way of proving that they are acting in an inappropriate or damaging manner. This is when a private detective may be useful. A private detective can work from the inside of the company collecting information on an individual or perhaps a number of people without alerting suspicion.   Once information has been collected on an employee it is then down to you how you wish to handle the situation if he or she has acting inappropriately.

If your business covers a large area it may be beneficial to employee the uses of security dogs. Dogs act as an excellent deterrent and can do tasks that humans are unable to fulfil. All dogs and dog handlers need to be well trained in order to get the best out of the dog and ensure that it carries its duty in a correct an efficient and safe manner.



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