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Retail Security Advice

With the recession come higher unemployment and an increase in crime. Retail crime is often hit the hardest with theft from shops increasing. We have experience in Retail Crime reduction and can provide you with an independent review of your security strategy. Working with you, we provide you with advice and training for your staff.

The lock you choose depends on what you are trying to protect, what you want to use to open it, and what other security measures you have in place. For example, you can choose either a mechanical lock or electronic lock, and these can be opened with a key, swipe card, security code or even your fingerprint.

Defence International Security Services can supply you with an extensive range of locks for all domestic and commercial uses, so whether you need high security door locks, window locks or padlocks we have the ideal product for you. High security locks can be used alongside other burglary prevention measures to further ensure your property remains safe and secure. For example, CCTV cameras and door entry systems can be used besides locks. Padlocks may be suitable on their own to secure small outbuildings such as a shed.

At  Defence International Security Services, we can help you decide on the suitable solution for your needs when it comes to locks.

BSIA issue top five tips to protect your home from burglary

The latest British Crime Survey has reported a 14 percent increase in burglaries in homes across England and Wales between 2010 and 2011 and as part of an attempt to lower the number of potential thefts, the British Security Industry Association have released five tips to protect the home:

  1. Lock your house. Physical security is the most important aspect to adequate protection, so fit locks to your doors and windows – making sure to fortify the ground floor, as this is the most likely form of access criminals take.
  2. Alarm systems. An effective deterrent for any criminal, an alarm also alerts the monitoring center in the case of being triggered – bringing any necessary backup to your home.
  3. Mark your possessions. Make sure your belongings are suitably marked through an asset marking system, with your possessions registered on a secure database. Should you fall victim to a burglary, your possessions can then be recovered.
  4. Eliminate any unnecessary ID documentation. Ensure you shred any sensitive paperwork with your name, address and bank details to reduce the threat of identity fraud.
  5. Choose the relevant service. Many companies offer a selection of security services, but take the time to find a product most suited to your needs.

At Defence International Security Services, we provide a variety of cost-effective safety solutions that can be tailored to meet your requirements. For more information on what we offer, call one of our experts now.