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Nowadays, maintaining the integrity of your business or personal premises is becoming ever more important. Defence International Security Services provides various methods of remote monitoring that can be tailored to meet your individual business or personal needs.

Our expertly trained team of designers can devise and implement a system to guarantee you maximum security of your premises, whether it is the control of the exterior, interior, or both. All our remote monitoring systems and installation comply with BS 8418. These systems use the latest technology from suppliers such as:

  • Di Bosch
  • Sony
  • Geovision

Defence International Security Services has years of experience in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of remote monitoring systems, all of which can be monitored 24/7 from our state-of-the-art control room at our head office in Pattaya, Thailand. Our experts, specializing in your particular personal or business sector, prepare every installation and every contract individually from the small business through to industrial and large complexes.

Remote Monitoring Station

A totally managed service, Remote Monitoring is a cost-effective and operationally efficient alternative to manned guarding. Defence International Security Services’ packages protect property by deterring crime using up-to-date technology and backed up with police or [RPW1] patrol response services. A cost of a single security officer guarding a property at night and weekends (108 hours per week) is about 60,000 Thai Baht. The cost of a total remote monitoring station is about 20,000 Thai Baht.

Typical Sectors, which commonly use remote Defence International Security Services are…

  • Construction Sites
  • Office Blocks
  • Empty Property
  • Warehouse and Distribution Units
  • Retail Units
  • Remote Locations
  • Temporary Locations
  • Events

Defence International Security Services consist of all or part of the following…

  • Remote monitoring 24/7 on alarm activation:
  • Response services when premises are vacant
  • CCTV cameras day & night capable including motion detection. Operating 24/7
  • Intruder detection systems. Set when premises are vacant
  • DVR server (connected using Broadband or GSM network) recording 24/7
  • Audio speakers and amplifier
  • Security lighting.
  • Warning and CCTV compliant signage.
  • Telecommunication: broadband or GSM network 30 day block contracts.


All security equipment is connected wirelessly to an onsite DVR server, then to the Internet by broadband or GSM network.

The DVR sends a signal to the Remote Monitoring station if an alarm is activated. The remote monitoring station can confirm alarm activation and either reset on a false alarm or immediately issue a verbal warning that an alarm as been activated and police are responding. If the trespassers leave, then the system is reset, but if the trespassers remain on site the remote controller calls the police or response car and monitors the incident maintaining full occurrence records. At night, the security lights can be switched on permanently, on alarm activation or remotely if required. The DVR automatically records continuously 24/7 and stores up to 60 days playback for investigation purposes.


All equipment is wireless and portable and can, therefore, be moved around to be fit for purpose as projects develop.