Tracking Devices / make sure you never get lost

Thailand Security Tracking Devices

Personal and Vehicle tracking devices, also known as GPS Trackers, are the best things to ever come on the market for security. Our trackers are made for all purposes, vehicles machinery, the elderly, the vulnerable, children.

Whatever reason you need your tracker for we can personalize it for your use. Whether you need to secure your machinery on site, make sure your child is safe after school, check on your elderly parents when they are alone, for lone workers, doctors, nurses, personal careers, women in refuges. Our trackers can cater for almost everybody needs.

Vehicle trackers, what can they do?

  • Can track your vehicle or machinery anywhere in the world 24 hours a day
  • Can track back where your vehicle or machinery has been
  • Can cut off the vehicle from moving by first slowing it
  • You can receive up-to-date text messages to discover where your vehicle is
  • Step-by-step location of your vehicle
  • Sounds around the vehicle/machinery
  • 100-days battery power

We can customize our trackers to suit your your needs.

  • Personal Trackers, what can they do?
  • Track your lone worker, parent, child anywhere in the world 24 hours a day
  • Track back history of where the person has been
  • Two-way calling,
  • Alert button to specific numbers
  • Real time tracking
  • Up-to-date text messages on whereabouts.
  • Can hear the sounds around the person to pinpoint where they are
  • 30-days battery power.