CCTV Systems / Your eye in the back of your head

CCTV systems for Homes or Business

Defence International Security Services has a team of dedicated professional CCTV designers and installation engineers with latest technology, best service and value for you the customer.

We can design, install, and monitor a range of electronic surveillance devices, ranging from conventional CCTV to the latest IP cameras and audio devices. Fiber-optic installations are part of our core businesses

A professionally installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) system can not only act as a powerful deterrent but can also provide vital evidence when crimes are committed such as burglary, theft, vandalism and assaults, increasing the rate of conviction through the provision of a crystal-clear image of the event. Mobile CCTV units can be used to protect valuable property, grounds, and machinery.

We always design and install systems to be as cost effective as possible while remaining user-friendly. The interface between user and system can be designed to take into account all user needs.

We individually tailor your CCTV systems for Homes or Business throughout Thailand to suit the risk profile of your premises. Because of significant advances in technology, we can provide the latest cameras and recording systems, which give high-quality, clear images in color or black and white at cost-effective prices, adapting systems to suit your budget and specifications.

You receive a rapid, efficient response from well-trained and competent engineers, offering a range of Services and Maintenance Agreement Options

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