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Educational Levels and Schools in Pattaya

Educational Levels and Schools in Pattaya

If you are considering relocating to Thailand for whatever reason, there will naturally be concerns about your family’s future.

Educational Levels and Schools in Pattaya are an important topic. Many people are moving to Thailand and, with the ever increasing number of companies doing business in the Eastern Seaboard; many will be coming here with young families, so obviously one of their primary concerns will be the Educational Levels and Schools in Pattaya. If we look in and around the Pattaya area there are a number of high class education establishments offering Westerns standards from kindergarten right through to further education.

Educational Levels and Schools in Pattaya, Asalha Bucha 2014

Educational Levels and Schools in Pattaya, Asalha Bucha 2014

There are a number of kindergartens in the area but the best known are Hastin Kindergarten and Phoenix Kindergarten at Phoenix International School which is situated on the Sukhumvit Road. The Phoenix School even offers nursery facilities for children over 1 year of age and the kindergarten itself is for children over the age of 2. Obviously most emphasis is placed on a child’s natural development and children are encouraged to reach their full potential is safe, caring environment. The school offers a well balanced curriculum that offers English, Thai and Chinese languages.

School buses run from many areas of Pattaya but many parents take their children there personally as they see this as an excellent opportunity to meet like minded people and to make new friends themselves. The Mooltripakdee International School (formerly the Montessori School located in Naklua) is a modern facility located just off Soi Crocodile Farm in East Pattaya. The school again offers pre-school and kindergarten. The school is perhaps best known as a primary school catering for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The syllabus is based on the British National curriculum so is therefore is universally recognised. Buses are available to take children to and from the school taking away some of the stress for families new to the area.

The 2 main International Schools catering for the expat community in and around Pattaya are perhaps the St Andrews International School at Green Valley and The Regents International School close to the Highway 7 and Highway 36. These again offer the British National curriculum as well as a wide range of extra curricular activities therefore broadening your children’s education and also giving them the opportunity to make new friends in their new surroundings. The Regents School in particular offers open days and an opportunity for children to spend a day at the school to experience things first hand. The schools again offer a regular bus service from most areas of the city for added convenience.

Educational Levels and Schools in Pattaya,  Regents International School

Regents international School

The education offered at many of the schools, not just the ones mentioned is recognised throughout the World. This gives your children the chance to go on to further educational either within Thailand or in any other country. The education gives them the opportunity to grow as individuals and is great building block setting them up perfectly for the rest of their lives.


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