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Crime rates in Thailand

Crime rates in Thailand

Crime rates in Thailand are generally relatively low when compared to other major cities in the region. Bangkok is regarded as a safe place for tourists and also to conduct business.

Most crimes are conducted by opportunists and generally non-confrontational such as pick pocketing, purse snatching or credit card fraud. These sorts of crimes are less common in Chonburi province although there are increased incidences in Pattaya although figures to support this information are few and far between – seemingly dependant on who conducted the research.

Crime rates in Bangkok vs Crime rates in Chonburi

Crime rates in Bangkok vs Crime rates in Chonburi

Violent crime is rarely committed against foreigners in Bangkok and even less so in Chonburi province although as with the opportunist crimes mentioned above it is more prevalent in tourist hotspots such as Pattaya. If common sense is adopted foreigners are rarely placing themselves at risk to this sort of crime although being alone in dark, isolated areas at night should be avoided.

International hotels and condominiums in both Bangkok and Chonburi usually have excellent security so the threat to guests and residents in relatively small so long as sensible precautions are taken. It is ill advised to take unknown guests back to your rooms and generally security will ask for ID to be provided for your protection. Incidences of theft from rooms per 100 is comparable in both Bangkok and Pattaya but is generally regarded as uncommon in the rest of Chonburi province.

Drug crimes are somewhat of an issue in Bangkok with substances entering the country illegally through the international airports although strict penalties and tighter controls are reducing the problem, apparently year on year but with little supporting evidence. Chonburi province has less of an issue with this although Pattaya again provides the anomaly. Drugs in Chonburi tend to enter Thailand through Laem Chabang port or carried from Bangkok by mules. Drugs, and in particular drug trafficking has serious consequences in Thailand with the death penalty often being sought.
Domestic violence is something of an issue in Thailand with a large number of cases being reported both in Bangkok in Chonburi. Domestic violence is rare amongst foreigners although common and almost acceptable in some areas of Thai culture. Education throughout the country is helping to reduce this although it is likely to take a period of time before it is reduced to more acceptable levels.
Generally Thailand is a safe place to visit. If common sense is used expats and tourists are unlikely to encounter any significant problems.

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