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Buying a House in Pattaya: What Security Measures?

Buying a House in Pattaya: What Security Measures?

When buying a House in Pattaya, one of the Biggest Investments of Your Life, what Security-Measures do you look for?

Buying a house is normally the largest investment that people will make in their lives so it would seem only natural that we would want to protect this asset and major part of our lives.  When we buying a house in Thailand perhaps we may look for different things to those that we would look for in our home countries.  For example in England, secure villages are something of a rarity but they are common place in Thailand and often something that is a requirement when people are looking to purchase a property.

 professional Security Measures- do you look for

professional Security Measures -do you look for

Secure villages vary in their quality in Thailand so if security is a big issue for you and your family, you may wish to do your research.  It is worth knowing if the village has CCTV, how well is the perimeter wall secured, are the security guards present 24 hours a day, are they awake and do they do patrols are all questions that are well worth asking when doing your Security Measures checks.  It is worth looking at villages that employ a well respected company to provide the guards as you can be sure that they will be well trained and vetted before they are employed.  A company like Defence International Security Services is an excellent example of such as company.

Securing you home- Security Measures do you look for

Securing you home- Security Measures do you look for

Once we have decided on a property – be that on an secure village or not, we then look to secure our individual property.  What Security Measures are already in place and what additional things could you add to ensure that you and your home are as safe as possible? An obvious starting point is the locks, not just those on doors but also on windows.  Are they to a high standard or could they easily be broken by an experienced thief?  Does the home have an alarm system or do you need to install one? Have you got CCTV or is this again something that you need to consider?  There really are many things that you need to take into consideration but if you are not confident doing this yourself, or indeed know what is actually required, you could employ a company to conduct a security audit of your home.  Company such as Defence International Security Services could do this on your behalf and they have a wealth of experience here in Thailand and really know what is required for professional Security Measures report .  It is well worth contacting them to ensure that the biggest investment of your life is secure.

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