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Break into and reseal a locked suitcase

Break into and reseal a locked suitcase


Break into and reseal a locked suitcase,

How’s this for a shocking statistic – in 2010, more than 29 million pieces of checked baggage were mishandled, meaning the bags were delayed, had items Break into and re-seal a locked suitcase of them or were lost (sometimes forever). That’s 3,360 bags going missing or being tampered with every hour of every day. The worst part is that even though more and more people are going the carry-on route in a bid to avoid checked baggage fees, the rate of mishandlings actually went up over prior years.

Point’s to consider

Don’t pack anything valuable in your checked in luggage That’s not just a bad idea because a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent or any airline baggage handler might take Break into and reseal a locked suitcase ; it’s also a terrible idea because if an airline loses it, you probably won’t be reimbursed for it. Joe Zinno, a retiree from Seattle, slipped his digital camera in his luggage, from which he believes a TSA officer removed it on a recent trip. He contacted the agency to make a claim, and after “a very long time” it responded with a form letter. “They said there would be no compensation,” he recalls. Airlines don’t cover electronics in checked luggage, either.

Better yet, leave all of your valuables at home Packing your valuables in carry-on luggage is no guarantee the TSA — or the airline — won’t be able to get to it. For example, you might have to gate-check your carry-on if there’s no room in the overhead bin on the plane. Or, like Fleiss, an agent could pull a fast one at the passenger screening area. Cheryl Wahlheim, an information systems manager from Boulder, Colo., had jewelry stolen out of her bag by what she suspects was a TSA employee. Making a claim proved impossible. “They sent me a form letter and basically I had to present them with a document containing pictures of all the stolen jewelry, receipts for all the jewelry and the current cost of the jewelry,” she says. “Since most of the things were gifts given to me over the years, I had no receipts and no pictures.”

If you can’t live without it, carry it on your person: Items like wedding rings, cash and other valuables should be carried through the checkpoint, wherever possible. Mauranna Sherman of Lynchburg, Va., wishes her husband had kept a close eye on his medication when he passed through the TSA screening area a few years ago. “When we reached our hotel several hours later, it wasn’t in his bag,” she says. “We had to call our house sitter, who used her own money to deliver it to our family in Texas the next day. What a hassle.”

Bottom line: if you want to see your valuables again, don’t let a airline baggage handler agent near them.

Here some step you can take to stop:  Break into and reseal a locked suitcase

Protectabag can ensure that suitcases, boxes, golf clubs, back packs, baby buggies, car seats and any souvenirs are safely wrapped for before, during and after your flight. The service applies a strong film of stretch wrap plastic around your bag, forming a secure envelope of protection against objects being inserted or Break into and reseal a locked suitcase and removed from your luggage. Protectabag wrapping also provides waterproofing, protection against rough handling damage, and ties-up any loose straps – minimising the chance of luggage being damaged in conveyor belt rollers. Protectabag also guards against the effects of zips popping open and provides support to weaknesses in baggage. Taking less than a minute, the Protectabag application allows for handles and wheels on the item to be freed so they can be used in the normal way wrap plastic around

securing by using wrap plastic around

Break into and re-seal a locked suitcase, secure by wrapping plastic

This lock, allows the TSA to access to your bag, but thieves will think twice before trying to get inside your bag.  One of the most common methods thieves use to enter bags    with zippers is to split the zipper open with a pen or similar tool, take what they want, and reseal the zipper by sliding the zipper pull over the open portion of the zipper.  When your luggage bag is opened in this manner, it leaves no visual clue that your bag was broken into.

The Triple Security TSA Luggage Lock stop this type of tampering cold. It’s a multi-functional security luggage lock with double cable technology specifically designed to prevent the opening of luggage zippers by stopping the sliding of the zipper pulls and keeping the once place.


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